Month: April 2020

Two Great Food Items to Add to Your Smoothie Blender

Lychee and Avocado smoothies are the ultimate fruits of healthy living. If you were a newbie to this trend, you are in for a treat as these two fruits are good examples of the best food items to add to your smoothie blender. They make healthy drinks while at the same time adding a tasty texture.

Lychee is rich in antioxidants and has lots of antioxidants in its body. It also has high quantities of potassium and minerals like iron and calcium. This gives lychee and avocados a high nutritional value. These foods are very good sources of fiber and high in fiber food groups which help in losing weight.

Lychee is very rich in Vitamin C. It can also help with your heart problems. Being rich in antioxidants and being one of the heart-healthy fruits of the year, lychee is a good choice of healthy food item. For people who are trying to lose weight, lychee is a very good food source to add to their smoothies. Read More

The Difference Between a Commercial Oven and an Oven

What is the difference between a commercial oven and an ordinary oven? Many people just think that they are the same thing. This article aims to help you understand the difference and the purpose of the differences in cooking products.

There are two basic types of ovens. The first one is a simple pot that heats up and cooks food by its own heat source. The second type is a vent-less commercial oven which heats the air around it instead of the food itself. Read More